Case Study

Envirocals Recycling


Brand Identity

The Brief

Envirocals, an automotive oil recycling business briefed Squared Space Studios to create a new logo which would appeal to both businesses and consumers. The key emphasis of the logo was to represent recycling and in keeping with their green credentials.

Envirocals Swatches

The Solution

As the logo was to appear on all marketing collateral including oil storage barrels and print materials we aimed to keep this simple using bold colours which would often be associated with recycling as well as using an internationally recognised symbol for recycling.

Envirocals Oil Drum


After my first meeting with the guys at Squared Space Studios, my ideas of how I would want my company logo to be designed and seen were made into a reality. Within the space of a few hours I was given a number of possible designs and was involved in helping the design process. Squared Space Studios ensured that I got what I wanted and the work they done would fulfil my company needs.

Squared Space Studios offered a service that was excellent and provided a level of professionalism was astonishing. I would highly recommend Squared Space Studios as they not only aim to over achieve your expectations but take your ideas and concepts to another level.